Software Reseller

Software Reseller

Looking for a way to earn more dollars ? Our software HospitalGate, ClinicGate, VeterinaryGate, BodyCareGate, CompanyGate and RestaurantGate are a leading 5 Star Award Winning software in the market today. It has been expanding at an escalating rate since its introduction in 2004. Our software has been covered in several high profile magazines including ZDnet and PC Magazine and comes highly recommended by its authors.

To share our success, we would like to have you as a business partner. Join us now as our software reseller and grab your share of the billions of dollars embedded on the Internet. According to the Georgia Tech. Seventh WWW Survey, over 70% (66% in previous survey) of respondents reported that they used the Web to find information about software products costing more than $50. This indicates that an increasing number of people are buying software online. In fact, of all the thousands of products sold on the Internet, software remains the NUMBER ONE seller!

We have more than 10 million potential customers out there who are interested in our products. We need the added reach of a solid software dealer, software distributor, referral partner and referral channel to sell to all of them. That's why we need you!!!.

We've compiled all the best ideas into an exciting opportunity that will let you participate in the our rapid growth and success. You have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN ! Because we have generously offered to process your orders and cover the risk of fraud order, all you need to do is tell others about us!!!

Simply join the following reseller program we have designed to suit your busy schedule and earn money per month.

MedSites Software reseller program

MedSites is looking for Software reseller and Business Partners for its well-established software. If you have a little extra time, become a Reseller and make some real money. You can earn of sales resulting from your website. On top of this you can even sign up another Reseller under you and make more money out of their sales.


Reseller Program
Earning 25-50%
All MedSites Software Yes
Who processes order Reseller or MedSites
Sales Tools Websites & Marketing Materials
Payment Monthly By Bank Transfer, PayPal or Payoneer
Withdrawal at any time Yes


To Join our Software Reseller Program please Contact us



Read MedSites Software Reseller Agreement

Reseller Joining Fees Packages

  • Bronze

    $199 1 Software
    Exclude HospitalGate

  • Silver

    $398 3 Software
    Exclude HospitalGate

  • Golden

    $597 5 Software
    Exclude HospitalGate

  • Platinum

    $1,295 All Software
    + 3 HospitalGate